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Shepherd of the Hills Community

We are an active growing community of faith that believes we are called to worship corporately, love unconditionally, support and serve one another as we journey together through life's peaks and valleys. As Christ first loves and cares for us, we too must share His love within our congregation, local community and the world.


Church is not just a Sunday event at Shepherd of the Hills,  but rather an opportunity to  gather as a community. Throughout the week small groups meet to share common interests, offer their gifts, study the Word and engage in  ministry within the community at large. Meaningful fellowship is a byproduct of active faith and service to others.


Service to others is a major focus and commitment within our congregation. All groups contribute in some way towards helping those less fortunate and in need of support, either through prayer, monetarily or with goods and services.  There is always something going on where you can use your gifts and talents to  help raise money for “World Hunger Relief”, local food pantries, social services or a neighbor who needs a helping hand. Come join us and be a light unto the world.

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